Music in Singapore

Like music elsewhere in the world, music in Singapore has become an essential part of people’s lives and to ensure it can remain so, many new private music schools are opening up. Now, for instance, you can learn the violin in Singapore or how to play the piano even after you have left high school. Traditionally, of course, children would learn one instrument or another whilst at regular school but even then some would take additional lessons on weekends and holidays. Those times though are starting to change as now some schools in some countries are abandoning teaching children music, let alone how to play an instrument. They are doing this in order for them to make more room for technology-based classes, so as to hopefully better prepare their students for adult life, giving them more opportunities to find gainful employment.

It is, of course, true that in this age of increasing high technology, better chances exist for people finding a job if they have a basic knowledge of today’s technology. Certainly having knowledge of technology will provide more job opportunities than perhaps knowledge of music but that should not be the only consideration, especially since new research has shown the full benefits of learning music.

It has long been known that learning music, especially how to play a musical instrument, can improve a person’s ability to concentrate as well as improving their memories and building their self-confidence. Today, however, recent research has shown that learning music can improve someone’s reading abilities and beneficially stimulates the brain in areas which are needed for math. As well as those benefits, learning to play certain instruments can have added bonus such as someone who learns to play the piano will have better motor skills.

Given all the benefits which learning can provide it may be a mistake for schools to cut music from their curriculums, even for more technology-based classes. It is therefore perhaps good timing for new increased numbers of private music schools or tutors to becoming available for people to learn music and instruments. This will enable music to be kept alive regardless of what school authorities decide and so new music will continue to be produced to appease the planet’s populace.

Although some people may believe that once they can play a musical instrument they will immediately become part of an orchestra or perhaps even a famous rock band but most know the reality the majority won’t. Being able to play a musical instrument, even if it does not make them rich and famous, does have its own benefits as People often find that the playing of an instrument helps them to relax and most, at some time or other, will play in front of an audience. Of course, for many, that audience may only consist of friends and family but regardless of the size of the audience, it will still enjoy the music which is played. It is therefore hoped that just as music has been available in the past and is today, it will also be long into the future.

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